How to Keep Your Kids Quiet on a Road Trip

kids road trip

As parents, you may have noticed that road trips were easier to enjoy before you had kids. As much as we love our little ones, they can be a lot to handle in a car — and dealing with loud, rambunctious kids while at the wheel of a multi-thousand-pound vehicle is just the wrong time. In fact, about a quarter of crashes occur when drivers are dealing with kids in the back!

In the name of safety and sanity, these are some tips for keeping your kids quiet on a road trip.

Set expectations

Children need boundaries. Before the trip, tell your kids how you expect them to behave. Share the day’s schedule, explain the rules, and reward good behavior. Use your best judgement to determine what those rules should be depending your children’s ages and personalities.

Stop frequently

Adults may be able to sit in a seat for hours at a time, but it’s much harder for kids, if not impossible. Stop every two or three hours at the minimum for stretch and bathroom breaks, and look out for places you can stop to have an extended break and check out something local that the kids might enjoy — even if it’s just the slide at a neighborhood park.

Anticipate illness

One in five children experience motion sickness while in a car. You’ll have a much better time on your road trip if you come prepared for such an eventuality. Make sure you have plenty of preventive medicine and that you keep the car well ventilated and free from odors. Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks, too.

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