Tips for First-Time Off-Roaders in Lawrence, KS

Ford Bronco Off Road | Lawrence, KS

There’s just something exciting about taking your truck or SUV and breaking away from the beaten path. When you’re driving a Ford like the rugged Explorer, F-150, or all-new Bronco, it’s even easier to feel that thrill. If you’re new to hitting the trails, these tips for first-time off-roaders should help get you off(-road) on the right foot.

Find fellow enthusiasts
Off-roading is an experience best enjoyed with buddies — whether they’re old pals or fast friends. Before you head out, try to link up with folks who’ve gone off-roading before and may have some ideas of where you should go and what you should do. Or, better yet, head out with them and make it a group outing.

Make sure you have what you need
If you intend to do some adventuring, you’ll want to be as well-equipped as possible. Shop around for tools like recovery shovels and ropes and tire plug kits, and be sure you have a fully stocked first aid and emergency kit. Moreover, make sure that the vehicle you drive is up for the task. If you’re riding with a Ford Ranger Tremor of Bronco Sport, for example, consider that question as good as answered.

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