How to Prep Your Ford Truck for Winter

2019 Ford Ranger in Snow | Lawrence, KS

Like it or not, winter is returning to Lawrence, Kansas — and fast. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to make sure that your Ford truck is ready for the long, cold months ahead.

Consider winter tires

The drop in temperature and return of ice and snow can play havoc with your tires. If you plan to ride around on your same set of four, make sure that they’re properly inflated, have an adequate amount of tread, and aren’t showing any signs of excessive wear.

For the best control in winter, you might want to try swapping in a set of winter tires. Winter or cold-weather tires use a special rubber compound that holds up better in colder temperatures, giving your Ford truck better performance when the going gets tough.

Stay on top of maintenance

Winter is not the time to hold off on regular preventative maintenance. Because the temperatures can get so low, it’s arguably the most important time of the year to get up to date.

If you’ve been putting off an oil change, battery test, or brake check, now is the time to get it done at Laird Noller Ford Lawrence. Getting your Ford truck’s service needs handled means you can head into winter with full confidence.

Need to schedule service? Make your appointment with the certified technicians at Laird Noller Ford Lawrence and stay ahead of Old Man Winter.

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